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Monday, January 25, 2010

25 is the New 20....

O man, today is my 25th birthday, and already i feel old. I can't believe this has come so fast. Sheesh my back and knees hurt. It really is funny though when you think of what you thought your life would be at 25 when you were say, 12... I mean I thought I would be the starting pitcher for the Blue Jays by now haha. Anyways, it can really get depressing when you see other people and how responsible their lives are or where by 25. I mean gasp, my father had me at 25. And he had a wife (my mom). And he had a house. And he had a dog. O yea, I have a dog too, so I am not a total bumb. Anyways, waking up and turning 25 really does not feel any different. Yea my work desk may be decorated to embarrass me, and my facebook wall will be covered with happy birthday messages from my real friends, but it really is just another day. I spent the past weekend in MEEAMi and had an awesome time. Well minus the Leaf loss, but by now I am used to that kind of thing...

It was really nice going to a new city with the new gf, and also seeing old teammates. My experience to south beach could have been better, we got a torrential down pour within 2 hours of being there. All in all, today is my golden birthday, and how do I plan on celebrating? Work.

O yea maybe I will play with the puppy and watch the Cuse game. Told you it was just another day...just another day older and deeper in debt. Where is my cane??

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