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Monday, January 4, 2010


Well the NFL regular season is over, and now I have no idea what I am going to do each Sunday, besides go to church. O wait, it is PLAYOFF time!!!! No my blessed Jags are not in, but Tim Teabow will get us to the promise land in due time. And while the Eagles pooped themselves yesterday, we are still gonna nail it. And yes, I said we. Donovan loves his chunky soup. If he loses, boo him. Ricky is better. Ricky probably loves chunky soup too.

Here is the playoff picture. This Sat. at 430, Jets vs.Bengals (go Jets). Sat night Eagles vs. Gayboys (Go Eagles duh). Sun at 1 Ravens vs Pats (Go Ravens, Tom Brady sucks balls). Sat 430 Cards vs Packers (Go cheeseheads).

So there you have it. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, it is back to the grind that is 2010. My birthday is in 21 days....I will be in the 305 watching my Maple Leafs and hanging with Melissa and my old roommate Billy and his bro...

P.s. Canada nailed it again yesterday, beating up on the Swiss 6-1. Funny I was kinda feeling neutral beating them up. Go figure. Unfortunately tomorrow, we have to play the USA AGAIIIN for the ship!!!!

Lock up the gold...

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