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Friday, January 29, 2010


Ok so Bosh just tied Vince Quitters' Toronto Raptors (yes we have an NBA team) Record of most all star games (5) with his recent selection to this year's let in rain event in Vegas. While Bosh also passed Wince (not a typo) on the All-Time scoring record, this year is bitter sweat. While we signed Hedo Turkoglu to complement Bosh and the kid Bargnani, things started out in typical Toronto Tank Nation fashion. We have however turned it on as of late, with wins over San Antonio, Dallas, the Lakers, Heat and no recently New York (hey you got to beat the bad teams too).

And while we are going to the playoffs and we are going to nail it all and win it, I can't help but think of how we are going to lose another star this year (insert Roy Halladay comment here) Ugh.

When were the good ole days when stars used to flock to Toronto who didn't play hockey. Guys like Roger Clemens, Dave Winfield, Ricky Williams, Paul Molitar, David Cone.

Well anyways, keep doing your thing CB4 you lanky snoop dogg look a like. If you're bags are packed at least leave a ring or something shiny on your way out.

And if you do sign elsewhere...CAN YOU SEE LEBRON IN TORONTO!!!!

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