Men of Teal

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ugh Garrard and Scobs.

So while I am laying on the couch on another lazy Sunday, I can't help but be disgusted by the showing of Garrard and Scobee. Just when I was starting to think playoffs and possibly Superbowl, my delusions of grandeur have come crashing down like drunk jenga. Who misses a field goal from 20 yards? Well besides me, my mother, people without legs and the blind, this should be a chip shot. Especially from a pro in perfect weather. UGH.

And Garrard, hold onto the ball. Or at least just give it to Jones-Drew since although he is half your size runs over everyone anyways. While I used to support you, you now disgust me with your buttafingers. I know like you as much as Kay jewelry commericals, which isnt good.

Also, cannot lie, a part of me felt for Tim Teabow on Saturday. I must say I can honestly believe that those tears before the game were real. Nothing is harder than handing your mother flowers knowing it is your last game, and the last time they can watch you play. Tim has had a great college career, maybe one of the best ever. So for right now, I tip my hat to you. But I still think your a fake, and would love to see you throw up on the sidelines again. But, if you really are that perfect of a human, I apologize.

Cannot wait for December, is it too much to ask for a white Christmas too?

p.s.- cannot wait for the jags to get Sam Bradford.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Love, love, love

Ok, I know Katie already stamped this down, and pretty much nailed it, but sometimes, a guys point of view is needed.

Here is mine, and the things that I L.O.V.E.

90's music, Toronto Blue Jays, Long walks on the beach, Doc Halladay (the dog), Sleeping in the cold, cold pizza, Fresca, srait hair, unclean shaven, Rock band, a good laugh, opening presents Christmas morning, a good joke, Doc Halladay (the pitcher), Allen Iverson practice speech, Wal-mart, Denzel movies, spellcheck, pinstripe pants, spring training, fall in ny, Turtles, hearing an old song, a good smile, chivalry, cavalries, wwII vets and their stories, Grandparents, Parents, Family, Blackberries (RIP Cecille), Random stories, inside jokes, pronouncing potato, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Air conditioning, Thanksgiving dinner, Italy, art, getting all the green lights, michael lewis books, fastballs on the outside corner, the sweet spot, the hail Mary, video games, rivers, Cuse basketball, gators (the reptile, not the team), pocket passers, keeping your collar down, pea coats, Prime Rib cheese steaks, English authors, Irish beer, Southern women, first snow falls, car starting, clean sheets, Polo Blue, Velveeta shells, sea shells, Adam Duritz, Robbie Alomar, Ronald Reagan, Icy hot, Sunsets, coming home to your dog, walking your date to the door, peppermints, all things Dutch, being a 1/4 Jew, drinking on the train, tail gates, clutch performances, Pocket Hercules, watching Arod struggle, my team at Merrill, going with your first answer, puppy pimping, Sinatra, driving with the windows down, green grass, mirrors, Norman Rockwell, Charlie Brown, a good acoustic performance, Moose tracks, first kisses, heels with jeans, facebook chat, a good run, a good book, a good friend, ceiling fans,, all things Canadian, underdogs, horses in motion, 20 questions, the tee box, waves, Mike Walzoski, Phantom of the Opera, The Brazen Fox, one liners, 007, opening wine bottles, popping the package bubbles, walking in puddles, a good ring tone, opportunity, second chances, Alanis, fresh starts, Four of a kind, giving gifts, folding laundry, sleeping in, Italian food, My Savior, Republican girls, the good ole days, Bud Heavy, Coors lite commericals, Etrade babies, Bull Durham, Man on Fire, holding hands, war movies, hitting the last cup, walk off homers, pitchers duels, 100 yard rushers, girls in sweatpants, girls wearing guys hoodies, rednecks, oranges, dogs, failing, forgiveness, bright lights, wall street, home, Gmail, Goo Goo Dolls, foster puppy mommies, Italian painters, Italian food, gangster movies, occasional chic flicks, Kimber, Tie Domi, Kate Beckinsale, Diet dr. pepper, real people, Turning two, Turning 21, First car, first love, first place, Blue tooth technology, butterflies in your stomach, DMB, Road trips, Boxer briefs, freshman year, trying new things, a good burger, a good debate, a good thing, imperfections, Braveheart soundtrack, going out, staying in, a challenge, And long slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last for days.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friends vs Real friends.

Ok so I had an epiphany. What truly makes a great friend. This past week I realized that are numerous factors that go into what separates between friends and GOOD friends.

Here goes.

Friends offer you their AAA card to get your car jumped.
REAL friends ask if you have cables.

Friends ask to play with your dog.
REAL friends volunteer to clean up his accidents.

Friends tell you about a great cd they heard.
REAL friends burn you a copy before telling you.

Friends ask you what you are doing tonight.
REAL friends have already shown up with beer.

Friends will play wingman.
REAL friends let you ask out their sister.

Friend's invite you over for the game.
REAL friends hand you the remote.

Friends compliment you on your clothes.
REAL friends tell you you look like hell.

Friends invite you to their wedding.
REAL friends don't schedule it on your birthday.

Friends invite you to hang with them and their girlfriends.
REAL friends wait until after you leave to fight with them.

Friends come visit you at work.
REAL friends leave a huge tip.

Friends bail you out of a jail.
REAL friends say "man that coulda have been a lot worse."

Friends leave birthday messages on your facebook wall.
REAL friends throw surprise parties.

Friends cheer for the Yankees.
REAL friends do not.

Friends go to the mall with you.
REAL friends go to foreign countries with you.

Friends tell you they have tickets to the game.
REAL friends say they have tickets for us to the game.

Friends borrow your clothes.
REAL friends put them back.

Friends check their voice mails.
REAL friends pick up the phone.

Friends spend the night.
REAL friends don't hook up with your love interest

Friends bring house warming gifts.
REAL friends help you move.

Friends borrow your IPOD.
REAL friends paint over its sappy ex girl friend inscription.

Friends play catch.
REAL friends are teammates.

Friends take your money.
REAL friends offer double or nothing.

Friends keep score.
REAL friends count in series's

Friends ask you how your feeling.
REAL friends bring medicine.

Friends make sure you get home.
REAL friends make sure you get your shoes off.

Friends buy you a drink.
REAL friends hold your head up.

Friends shoot you random emails.
REAL friends play 20 questions through email.

Friends offer sympathy you got a noise complaint.
REAL friends are the reason.

Friends keep in touch.
REAL friends never leave.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Ok, today was one of those days, and I need to vent.

Here are the things in this world that I HATE.

Fake people, cleaning bathrooms, losing seasons, impossible levels to beat, people who read the endings, heartbreak, let downs, mooches and users, frat boys, bandwagon fans, lap dogs, Thai food, Wrinkled shirts, pyhscho girls, materialist girls, Uppity people, long lines, regular soda, sharks, snakes, slow Internet speed, bug eye glasses, saying goodbye, sweaters, skinny jeans, sappy love stories, jc penny,radio commercials, car issues, the dentist, hippies, drunk people, rain, shaving, stubbing your little toe, tim teabow, dry hands, Arod, bad smells, not knowing what to wear, waiting for the train in the cold, losing your keys, stress, being sick, cat people, That some words are not spelled as they sound, racists, mama jokes, immature people, people, Abercrombie fragrances, late fees, atm fees, Starbucks, awkward silence, hybrid cars, being late, losing, boring/serious people, Sugar, car rides, two a days, finishing a good book, Roy Halladay trade rumors, bad Friends, Monday mornings, Parents that give their children weird names, Smokers, Montreal, change, braces, ear pimples, cleaning up poop, drama, that people treat college players like pros, astro turf, fighting, waiting for text message answers, not knowing, traffic, insurance, car salesmen, bank statements, death, drowning, the word Caucasian, flat beer, grudges, shallow people and the shallow end, Brett Farve retirement speeches, Vince Carter, Garfield, creepos, that the antagonist always loses, and that good guys finish last.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Who says Saturdays are for Football

Best thing about being a dog get no sleep.

Second Best thing about being a dog owner, you get to accidently drop some of his poop and leave it on the sidewalk.

Well, my Cuse boys did it again, beat Number 4 UNC last night by 16 points!!!!

Here is my top five things to do on a saturday morning.

1. Go get Chic fila from a girl named Katie, get my dog a dogtreat, and get myself a diet coke. (Is 8 am to early for a diet coke, mom would say yes)

2. Pick up dog poop and drop some on the sidewalk.

3. Watch Espnews in HD/ and then swtich to Gameday

4. Get yelled at by a cop for bringing my dog on the beach. 9-5 City Oardance.

5. Go back to bed because I never get to sleep in.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Morning Goodness

Ahh yes, its Friday, which means it is the weekend!!!!

Here are my early morning thoughts.

1. WHAT ARE THE YANKEES thinking putting my main man Swisher Sweet on the block? This guy brought a swagger to the club that has been NON-EXSISTENT. The dude almost bashed out 30 bombs with a opb of close to 400. Jays will take him thank you.

2. Run Ricky Run.

3. My Cuse are looking good, last night SMACKED number 12 CAL. And they have two canadians...things are good in Syracuse.

4. My dog was up at 4 am, and for some reason I am not tired.

5. Going to my first nfl game this weekend, Jags/Bills, and yes it is sold out.

6. AI to the Knicks? Gross.

7. The Jets are done.

8. The Leafs are a disgrace, o wait, they blew another lead. They are dead to me.

9. I hope work goes by very fast today, yesterday took forever and I am still getting over a cold.

10. Last but not least, Rock Band Rocks.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

First Post

Greetings my fellow viewers!

Wow, like the Mona Lisa, or the Sistine Chapel, all masterpieces start with a first stroke.

This is mine.

Why in the name of all God's green goodness am I doing this? I have no idea. Maybe this is my modern attempt at writing down my thoughts journal style.

Maybe I was put up to it by a friend. Whatever the case, here it is and I am going to give it my best shot.

So how does one start a blog? I guess something like this.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I moved to Florida to start a new life and I love it. While I miss the hustle and bustle of New York, and my best friend Sam, it was time for a change.

I now live with my an old teammate and friend, Joe, and our two massive terror dogs.

More on my pup later.

Regardless, that is my story, this blog will reveal my life.