Men of Teal

Monday, November 23, 2009


Ok, today was one of those days, and I need to vent.

Here are the things in this world that I HATE.

Fake people, cleaning bathrooms, losing seasons, impossible levels to beat, people who read the endings, heartbreak, let downs, mooches and users, frat boys, bandwagon fans, lap dogs, Thai food, Wrinkled shirts, pyhscho girls, materialist girls, Uppity people, long lines, regular soda, sharks, snakes, slow Internet speed, bug eye glasses, saying goodbye, sweaters, skinny jeans, sappy love stories, jc penny,radio commercials, car issues, the dentist, hippies, drunk people, rain, shaving, stubbing your little toe, tim teabow, dry hands, Arod, bad smells, not knowing what to wear, waiting for the train in the cold, losing your keys, stress, being sick, cat people, That some words are not spelled as they sound, racists, mama jokes, immature people, people, Abercrombie fragrances, late fees, atm fees, Starbucks, awkward silence, hybrid cars, being late, losing, boring/serious people, Sugar, car rides, two a days, finishing a good book, Roy Halladay trade rumors, bad Friends, Monday mornings, Parents that give their children weird names, Smokers, Montreal, change, braces, ear pimples, cleaning up poop, drama, that people treat college players like pros, astro turf, fighting, waiting for text message answers, not knowing, traffic, insurance, car salesmen, bank statements, death, drowning, the word Caucasian, flat beer, grudges, shallow people and the shallow end, Brett Farve retirement speeches, Vince Carter, Garfield, creepos, that the antagonist always loses, and that good guys finish last.

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  1. HA HA this is great..."creepos" what about cold cheese? Im also a fan of your I hate JC Penny...great job Dan!