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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Who says Saturdays are for Football

Best thing about being a dog get no sleep.

Second Best thing about being a dog owner, you get to accidently drop some of his poop and leave it on the sidewalk.

Well, my Cuse boys did it again, beat Number 4 UNC last night by 16 points!!!!

Here is my top five things to do on a saturday morning.

1. Go get Chic fila from a girl named Katie, get my dog a dogtreat, and get myself a diet coke. (Is 8 am to early for a diet coke, mom would say yes)

2. Pick up dog poop and drop some on the sidewalk.

3. Watch Espnews in HD/ and then swtich to Gameday

4. Get yelled at by a cop for bringing my dog on the beach. 9-5 City Oardance.

5. Go back to bed because I never get to sleep in.

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