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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ugh Garrard and Scobs.

So while I am laying on the couch on another lazy Sunday, I can't help but be disgusted by the showing of Garrard and Scobee. Just when I was starting to think playoffs and possibly Superbowl, my delusions of grandeur have come crashing down like drunk jenga. Who misses a field goal from 20 yards? Well besides me, my mother, people without legs and the blind, this should be a chip shot. Especially from a pro in perfect weather. UGH.

And Garrard, hold onto the ball. Or at least just give it to Jones-Drew since although he is half your size runs over everyone anyways. While I used to support you, you now disgust me with your buttafingers. I know like you as much as Kay jewelry commericals, which isnt good.

Also, cannot lie, a part of me felt for Tim Teabow on Saturday. I must say I can honestly believe that those tears before the game were real. Nothing is harder than handing your mother flowers knowing it is your last game, and the last time they can watch you play. Tim has had a great college career, maybe one of the best ever. So for right now, I tip my hat to you. But I still think your a fake, and would love to see you throw up on the sidelines again. But, if you really are that perfect of a human, I apologize.

Cannot wait for December, is it too much to ask for a white Christmas too?

p.s.- cannot wait for the jags to get Sam Bradford.

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