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Friday, November 27, 2009

Friends vs Real friends.

Ok so I had an epiphany. What truly makes a great friend. This past week I realized that are numerous factors that go into what separates between friends and GOOD friends.

Here goes.

Friends offer you their AAA card to get your car jumped.
REAL friends ask if you have cables.

Friends ask to play with your dog.
REAL friends volunteer to clean up his accidents.

Friends tell you about a great cd they heard.
REAL friends burn you a copy before telling you.

Friends ask you what you are doing tonight.
REAL friends have already shown up with beer.

Friends will play wingman.
REAL friends let you ask out their sister.

Friend's invite you over for the game.
REAL friends hand you the remote.

Friends compliment you on your clothes.
REAL friends tell you you look like hell.

Friends invite you to their wedding.
REAL friends don't schedule it on your birthday.

Friends invite you to hang with them and their girlfriends.
REAL friends wait until after you leave to fight with them.

Friends come visit you at work.
REAL friends leave a huge tip.

Friends bail you out of a jail.
REAL friends say "man that coulda have been a lot worse."

Friends leave birthday messages on your facebook wall.
REAL friends throw surprise parties.

Friends cheer for the Yankees.
REAL friends do not.

Friends go to the mall with you.
REAL friends go to foreign countries with you.

Friends tell you they have tickets to the game.
REAL friends say they have tickets for us to the game.

Friends borrow your clothes.
REAL friends put them back.

Friends check their voice mails.
REAL friends pick up the phone.

Friends spend the night.
REAL friends don't hook up with your love interest

Friends bring house warming gifts.
REAL friends help you move.

Friends borrow your IPOD.
REAL friends paint over its sappy ex girl friend inscription.

Friends play catch.
REAL friends are teammates.

Friends take your money.
REAL friends offer double or nothing.

Friends keep score.
REAL friends count in series's

Friends ask you how your feeling.
REAL friends bring medicine.

Friends make sure you get home.
REAL friends make sure you get your shoes off.

Friends buy you a drink.
REAL friends hold your head up.

Friends shoot you random emails.
REAL friends play 20 questions through email.

Friends offer sympathy you got a noise complaint.
REAL friends are the reason.

Friends keep in touch.
REAL friends never leave.

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