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Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Morning Goodness

Ahh yes, its Friday, which means it is the weekend!!!!

Here are my early morning thoughts.

1. WHAT ARE THE YANKEES thinking putting my main man Swisher Sweet on the block? This guy brought a swagger to the club that has been NON-EXSISTENT. The dude almost bashed out 30 bombs with a opb of close to 400. Jays will take him thank you.

2. Run Ricky Run.

3. My Cuse are looking good, last night SMACKED number 12 CAL. And they have two canadians...things are good in Syracuse.

4. My dog was up at 4 am, and for some reason I am not tired.

5. Going to my first nfl game this weekend, Jags/Bills, and yes it is sold out.

6. AI to the Knicks? Gross.

7. The Jets are done.

8. The Leafs are a disgrace, o wait, they blew another lead. They are dead to me.

9. I hope work goes by very fast today, yesterday took forever and I am still getting over a cold.

10. Last but not least, Rock Band Rocks.

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