Men of Teal

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Love, love, love

Ok, I know Katie already stamped this down, and pretty much nailed it, but sometimes, a guys point of view is needed.

Here is mine, and the things that I L.O.V.E.

90's music, Toronto Blue Jays, Long walks on the beach, Doc Halladay (the dog), Sleeping in the cold, cold pizza, Fresca, srait hair, unclean shaven, Rock band, a good laugh, opening presents Christmas morning, a good joke, Doc Halladay (the pitcher), Allen Iverson practice speech, Wal-mart, Denzel movies, spellcheck, pinstripe pants, spring training, fall in ny, Turtles, hearing an old song, a good smile, chivalry, cavalries, wwII vets and their stories, Grandparents, Parents, Family, Blackberries (RIP Cecille), Random stories, inside jokes, pronouncing potato, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Air conditioning, Thanksgiving dinner, Italy, art, getting all the green lights, michael lewis books, fastballs on the outside corner, the sweet spot, the hail Mary, video games, rivers, Cuse basketball, gators (the reptile, not the team), pocket passers, keeping your collar down, pea coats, Prime Rib cheese steaks, English authors, Irish beer, Southern women, first snow falls, car starting, clean sheets, Polo Blue, Velveeta shells, sea shells, Adam Duritz, Robbie Alomar, Ronald Reagan, Icy hot, Sunsets, coming home to your dog, walking your date to the door, peppermints, all things Dutch, being a 1/4 Jew, drinking on the train, tail gates, clutch performances, Pocket Hercules, watching Arod struggle, my team at Merrill, going with your first answer, puppy pimping, Sinatra, driving with the windows down, green grass, mirrors, Norman Rockwell, Charlie Brown, a good acoustic performance, Moose tracks, first kisses, heels with jeans, facebook chat, a good run, a good book, a good friend, ceiling fans,, all things Canadian, underdogs, horses in motion, 20 questions, the tee box, waves, Mike Walzoski, Phantom of the Opera, The Brazen Fox, one liners, 007, opening wine bottles, popping the package bubbles, walking in puddles, a good ring tone, opportunity, second chances, Alanis, fresh starts, Four of a kind, giving gifts, folding laundry, sleeping in, Italian food, My Savior, Republican girls, the good ole days, Bud Heavy, Coors lite commericals, Etrade babies, Bull Durham, Man on Fire, holding hands, war movies, hitting the last cup, walk off homers, pitchers duels, 100 yard rushers, girls in sweatpants, girls wearing guys hoodies, rednecks, oranges, dogs, failing, forgiveness, bright lights, wall street, home, Gmail, Goo Goo Dolls, foster puppy mommies, Italian painters, Italian food, gangster movies, occasional chic flicks, Kimber, Tie Domi, Kate Beckinsale, Diet dr. pepper, real people, Turning two, Turning 21, First car, first love, first place, Blue tooth technology, butterflies in your stomach, DMB, Road trips, Boxer briefs, freshman year, trying new things, a good burger, a good debate, a good thing, imperfections, Braveheart soundtrack, going out, staying in, a challenge, And long slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last for days.


  1. Is anyone even following this thing??? I am just going to post something since it appears you are attempting to get traffic on this incredibly queer blog. I mean seriously, can't you find a LEGIT topic to "blog" about? Who is Dan Marshall? Who cares anyways? You're from Canada. Enough said. America > Canada. You moved here. Remember that. You moved here because America is FAR SUPERIOR to Canada. (Although Canada has it right with Health Care - HINT hmm maybe just MAYBE that might be an actual topic to blog about???)

    P.S. Jays Suck. Oh and guess what... DOC IS GOING TO BE A YANKEE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Now you need to find another picture with a dead blue jay with a noose around its neck...

    P.S.S. What are "Real Friends" for right???

    P.S.S. Enjoy the latest baseball Rumors about Doc to the Yanks!

    Halladay Would Approve Deal To Yankees
    By Zach Links [November 28, 2009 at 8:31am CST]

    SATURDAY 8:31am: ESPN's Buster Olney hears that Halladay's preferred destinations are the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, or Phillies.

    FRIDAY 7:32pm: Roy Halladay would be willing to waive his no-trade clause to pitch for the Yankees, writes Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun, in an article for Slam Sports.

    A major league executive told Elliott that he doesn't know where Halladay might end up, but knows that he has told the Blue Jays that he would agree to be dealt to the Yanks. Doc has used his no-trade clause before to prevent being shipped to the Twins and Rangers.

    Toronto GM Alex Anthopoulos has said that he would not be against trading a player in the American League East if it were the best deal on the table. Should he make an exception in the case of Halladay?

  2. This is a perfect example of what a REAL friend is not.

  3. Dan don't listen to that random follower of your blog. I like your love, love, love post! Its very nice to know that you rely on your dog to get you girls "puppy pimping"