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Monday, February 1, 2010

Top 5 Reason's Not to Watch the Pro Bowl.

Another Monday, another top 5. In case you were wondering the Pro Bowl was last night (that is the NFL's All Star Game). But like me, I imagine most of you did not watch it. Heck, I don't even know what time the game even started....

5. It was in Miami, not Hawaii. Now, not that I really care, but something about Hawaii just sounds a lot cooler. That and all the reporters wear flower shirts, or maybe it is the Hula Skirts I like (I can never remember).

4. I am sure there is better things on tv on a Sunday. Like the NBA, or the Grammies.

3. It is by far the worst All-Star game of all the major sports. Hockey, The NBA, and Major League baseball in that order. And that is not debatable, even if the baseball game ends in a tie...

2. For some stupid reason, it is before the Super Bowl, and the Super Bowl Team's players are not in it. I thought it was an All-Star game? I mean, shouldn't the best players be in it? Were not talking about the Slam Dunk Contest here. And I think the two best teams in the league may have one or two guys that are pretty good.

1. David Garrard was in it.

p.s. I did not watch it, so I have no idea how many times Garrard fumbled in a clutch situation.

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