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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Say it Aint So Lebron...

The Knicks are pushing hard to get Tracy McGrady and his 23 million dollar expiring contract. Now while I love T-Mac dating back to his glory days sitting on Toronto's bench (hey his best contribution was helping Vince Carter win a slam dunk contest), this deal makes sense for only one reason. They want Lebron next year. Heck, they want Lebron and Wade or Bosh...

Lebron, for the good of the game don't leave Cleveland. Your the best thing to come from Ohio since Rock and Roll. As a Jays fan watching some pitcher walk away this year, please don't do this to the Buckeye state. I mean take a look at the career of Cal Ripkin, or Tony Gywnn or Derek Jeter. Don't leave a good thing when you have it. Annnnnd please don't go to the Nets even if your man Jay-z moves them to Brooklyn. Your fans love you, your already the most popular player in the sport this side of Kobe. Your team is in a position to win and the poor city hasn't had a winner in awhile.

Please Lebron. Please.

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