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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Team Teal

So Tony Boselli, Jaguar great, is starting an initiative to revive the pride and passion of Jag football here in Jax. What this really means is he is single handily doing what the front office can't, sell tickets. So he created Team Teal, and you can check out his blog at Basically what it is is a group of season ticket holders trying to get more season ticket holders in order to make it into heaven. I think this is a great idea, because Jacksonville without the Jaguars would turn into Syracuse without a AAA baseball team and a good college squad. Ugh.

Season tickets can be had for as cheap as 300 dollars for 10 games. Payment plans are avaible streching out the price for 8 monthes. Lock it up and move those chains, moves those chains. Here is a link to the seating chart.

And besides, once we get Tebow, Team Teal will be a lock.

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