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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Humpday Tidbits

Going with my top five Monday's I have decided to also implement Wednesday tidbits.

- After releasing LT, the Eagles followed suit by also dumping their franchise leader, Brian Westbrook. BW holds most eagle records, including most yards from scrimmage. It is sad seeing these 30 year old backs dumped like they are Kyle Farnsworth. I hate that the NFL does not have guaranteed contracts, and minus the concussions Brian is still a very serviceable back.

- After seeing the British Rugby player test positive for HGH (yes I said Rugby), Major League Baseball has decided that they will test minor league players for it this season. Get ready for some big names.

- Following suit of MLB, the NFL has also stated they would like to test for HGH. Can't wait to hear the "tainted supplement" or "just getting back from injury" excuses.

- The Oklahoma City SuperSonics (errr Thunder) are now the hottest team in the NBA and Kevin Durant is playing like the league NBA. He has now scored 25 points or more in 29 strait games.

- Canada beat the Germans last night to eliminate them. Canada plays Russia tonight in a match up of Crosby and Alex the Great. Canada has not beaten Russia in the Olympics in 50 years. USA plays the Swiss again, they won the last match up 3-1.

- I am now a Jaguar Season ticket holder.

- Boulder, Colorado was listed as the happiest city to live in.

- Dutch Speed Skater Sven Kramer was disqualified during his Gold medal run because his coach told him to move into the inside lane when he was due for the outside lane. His time was 7.57 seconds of the gold medal winner. Truly a shame and one of the biggest disasters and flogs in sports history. By the way, I know now what the coaches write on those signs.

- Canadian Skater Joannie Rochette nailed it last night in figure skating. The tragic story about this girl is that her mother died shortly after arriving in Vancouver for the Olympics as she collapsed. Thursday is the long program and this poor girl goes for gold. (by the way that is the last time I mention figure skating on this blog).

- Tony Kornheiser has been suspended from PTI for 2 weeks because he made some comments about Hannah Storms wardrobe. Really, her wardrobe?

- U.N narcotics board has now stated that prescription drugs are now abused more than heroin, coke and Ecstasy COMBINED.

- A Jacksonville man has died after being hit with a Golf Cart while searching for his ball. He fell and hit his head. ( I am a sick person for finding this kind of stuff funny).

- Former Blue Jay general manager JP Riccardi has been hired by ESPN to appear on baseball tonight. I guess they like losers. Hey, someone has to replace Steve Phillips.

- Florida beat Tenn last night in college basketball. That should consummate their trip to the tourney. Syracuse also won and had their usual late game scare. Next up for them is a HUGE match up in the DOME vs. Villanova Saturday.

- A maintenance worker at the Baymeadows location of MacDonald's was shot and killed yesterday during a daylight robbery as he attempted to save the store manager. (Sometimes I really hate the world).

- Major League baseball has banned guns in the locker rooms following Gilbert's disaster. This has upset Ryan Franklin.

- Manny continues to be Manny. No one cares anymore Manny, your just another roid head.

- The Google Icon today is pretty much nails.

- The New Facebook setup sucks.

- Airports are going to be implementing a new scanner in 150 airports. It is basically a virtual strip search. I better starting working out again.

- USA is racking up medals in this Olympics, and are going to set a record.

- Mike Comrie is the latest hockey player to get engaged as he recently proposed to girlfriend Hillary Duff. He joins Mike Fisher as Canadians locking up beautiful American women (he got Carrie Underwood). It is either our accents or their missing teeth...

And that's all I have to say about that.

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