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Monday, February 8, 2010

Top 5 Takes from the Super Bowl.

Ok while I normally find the Superbowl just an over hyped reason to eat terribly, this year's Super game was similar to many of the past games (besides the Giants over the Pats and the Ram's games). But because it is such a production, here are my top five moments from the Superbowl....

5. Tim Teabow commercial. Wow did Focus on the Family luck out here. For all the hype from the anti-life group (or is that pro-choice, not sure) the 20 sec. add NEVER once mentioned anything remotely close to controversial.

4. Google, that was by far the best commercial. It really is amazing how quickly Google has become part of our lives.

3. Etrade babies. The new Etrade babies suck! But I guess that last kid was the man so its like anyone trying to play Bond after Sean or Pierce....

2. Sapp and Irvin. You guys are idiots.

1. Thanks goodness that there was hockey, the NBA and a Cuse game earlier in the day so I had something to watch besides pointless hours of football talk on who may win....

BTW, the Jags cut Holt. Not sure what I think about that. RIP Torry.

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