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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Now You Wouldn't Believe it if I Told You...

No, I cannot run like the wind blows. However, I have seen some crazy things in my life, from my dog pooping out strait dirt, MA having a republican senator, or the Bengals making the playoffs, nothing really surprises me anymore. But sometimes things happen that still blow my mind. Last weekend my girlfriend stuck ICE CREAM in the Microwave to defrost it. That is like taking the paint off a Cadillac, or getting a breast reduction. Last night, I ran a yellow light only to have two loser cops sitting right there. Of course I got pulled over, and much to the cops disdain the cans that were in my front seat did not belong to Bud lite, but rather Mt. Dew, and the passenger in my front seat was not a missing child or hooker, but my dog. And if any plants were in my car, they were not of the illegal kind and most likely mold. When he asked me what color the light was when I passed through the intersection, I am sure Yellow was not the answer he wanted to hear. (I hope it was yellow, I am color blind, but somehow I didn't think that that was a good answer.)

Long story short I saw two things this weekend that I have never in my life seen. Me getting out of a ticket, and someone defrosting Ice Cream.

2 more sleeps til the 305!!!!!

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