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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Draft Grade B

While I know none of the guys we drafted, we did receive a draft grade of a B from the NFL network. I think that pretty much means that this is an A + draft, if the people who were giving us a B were like me and knew of none of these guys as well. Add that to the fact we got a middle linebacker who last year had OVER 100 tackles, this is going to be a VERY VERY good draft. Remember when the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl? The reason they did so was their RELENTLESS pass rush of Tom Brady. They were running 4-5 guys deep out there, and no namers (at the time) like Justin Tuck became instant stars. I envision our front 7 to bring on that kind of pass rush. And you remember all that talk of our Reggie Nelson (err Secondary) being garbage? Just watch how fast that talk goes down the toilet with all the interceptions they are going to get because of our front line. Yea we did not get C.J or Clausen. Yea our stadium will not be sold out with Gator fans sporting Tebow jerseys, but we are going to win. I really love the pic. Good luck Matt, Peyton and Vince, you are going to need it. Bring on the 2010 Teal Curtain!!!

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