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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vernon Wells to hit 129 Home Runs!

Start the Vernon for MVP chants. He's going to hit over 120 Home Runs and have have about 225 RBIs. At least that's what this weeks numbers tell us, and numbers never lie.

Everyone knows defense wins you championships, but offense gets you to all star games...
With that in mind let's look at the All Star Squad from week 1.

C: Yadier Molina (but look out for Chris Snyder.. 1 start 2-4 1HR 5 RBIs)

1:Ryan Howard who's actually hitting above .400 with only 1 strike out which cannot last as it is a sure sign of the apocalypse

2:Robinson Cano

3: AROD, stats don't matter its a done deal. But insert Longoria here if you would like...yeah you would like to insert Longoria

SS: Alex Gonzalez leads SS with 4 HRs

LF: Matt Holiday life is good hitting after arguably the best hitter in baseball

CF: Its gotta be Vernon.. The man is going to almost double the single season HR record...

RF: Nelson Cruz who is the only reason my fantasy team has any home runs so far... its a sad sad story

DH: Matsui happy to see him doing well with the Angels

SP: ROY HALLADAY he's going to have a 30+ win year, let's give him the Cy Young now so the other guys can stop trying. Its just not fair. I mean the guy has a .56 ERA... .56! with 17 strike outs. and is 2-0 now with 1 complete game.

Other Starters: De La Rosa, Lincecum, and Kiroki Kuroda

RP: Sean Marshall, Hawkins, Moylan

Closers: Jon Rauch and Jason Frasor/Kevin Gregg (which ever one the Jays let come out and play)

Rookie of the Year: Despite the pressure to go with Heyward, I'm going to go with Heyward, he's too good

If this had been the All Star team after day 3 I would have been all about supporting Garrett Jones since the second game he's been 2-15 (not good Garrett)

Other Interesting numbers from the first week

MLB wins leader: Casey Jannsen with 3, one for each of the innings he has pitched...

Martin Prado is batting .600 and thats actually gone down in the last 2 games


  1. Since you are so great with math, you should have realized that there is a 4 way tie for first in homers. Watch out for Gonzo. And a case can be made for good ole Edgar on this list....

  2. The thing that needs to be realized folks is that this is the Jays... every year they come firing out of the gate, only to get every Jays fans hopes up like my boy Canada... and as always it will end in epic letdown and defeat as they are routinely pounded over and over again by the Yanks, Sox and even the Rays are on that wagon...