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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Top 5 Reasons I LOVE this draft...

After the initial shock of AlwhoAlwho, I really am loving this draft..and while I may be the only one so far, I think Gene Smith really did the best thing for this is why...

5. We did not get Tebow. Sure we would have sold maybe 5,000 more seats including possibly Patty stepping up, but honestly, do we really want Gator nation at OUR jaguar games? I don't, and I know fans of other colleges don't. Sure Football fans are football fans, and you can like the Gators and Jags, but come on, I don't want people fans of this team ONLY because of Tim Tebow. I get it, the kid is a legend and a great kid, but he is not NFL ready, and the pressure to preform he would get in this town would be unobtainable. And for all of those who complain about not getting an SEC guy, where are all the Derek Harvey gator fans, or Reggie Nelson, I mean we had FRED TAYLOR for gatorsakes. Fans are fickle, and that is why you cannot draft based on what they want.

4. Building on the last statement, college success does not necessarily guarantee pro success. Look at Tom Brady, or Matt Cassel, or heck even Peyton Manning. Did anyone get excited in Boston when Tom Brady was drafted? No. Was anyone excited here when we took Maurice Jones-Drew? I doubt it. Players build names for themselves at the next level based on how they preform on that level. If they have stellar college careers (Eric Crouch) and do not perform in the pros, they will be forgotten or starting for the Toronto Argos. The fact that Gene Smith drafted non big names means something. HE SAW POTENTIAL TALENT. This is based on SCOUTING. Hours were spent dissecting film and looking at the combine numbers, players size, speed, explosiveness, coach-ability and character. A case could be made that AlwhoAlwho (I promise this is the last time I do this) was BETTER statistically (college numbers and combine stats) than the 3rd overall pic. If that turns out to be the case, I GUARANTEE he will become a fan favorite.

3. We picked up a middle linebacker, Kirk Morrison who is in his prime, had over 100 tackles last year, and all of this for basically Quentin Grooves. That is a trade my friends.

2. While none of the pics are considered sexy, it really does not matter. Like I said before in the pros they can become stars. And to all those Gatorlovers out there that say we needed Tebow to sell tickets, I disagree. When we sold out in the past, it was because of three reasons in my mind. A, we were a new team, and the cool new thing to do. Like any major league baseball team that builds a new stadium, the initial awe caused people to come out. Once the honeymoon is over though, people stop coming. For proof look at Camden Yards. B, the economy. The 90's were just such a better (or maybe just more free spending) time. And C, they were winning. Year after year, because of their defense, they were making the playoffs. Notice how none of those reasons involved Tim Tebow or Dez Bryant or Jason Pierre-Paul. And to say we don't have star power? We have MAURICE JONES-DREW!

1. Defense wins Championships. I know I briefly discussed it before, but think about it. The Ravens won a Super Bowl with TRENT DILFER at QB. Think Garrard is better than him? I do. I know it is over stated, but a good defense is a good offense. BUT A GREAT defense makes a mediocre offense GREAT. Not only do they put up points due to pick off returns, but they also win the field position battle, and kill the clock. And what is our offense built on? RUNNING the football. We are based on LONG Drives, not quick strikes like the Colts. How do you beat the Colts? Ask the Saints, you keep Peyton OFF the field. This is done by running running running, and when he does go on offense and get the ball, you put him on his back. You make him move his feet, disrupt his timing. I see good things in the future, and I am really really excited about what is to come....

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