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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Funday

Ok, there is nothing fun about 1000 degree weather, but I tried. Went to the Jag's mini camp today and could not believe two things.

First, Maurice Jones-Drew was wearing sweat pants and sleeves.

Tyson Alawhoalwho (still not old) calves are the size of my head.

That is all I got, softball playoffs tomorrow.

O yea, and who is that guy at the top? No it is not Alawhoalwho (okay maybe getting old now). That is my Pastor of my church, and a real inspiration for me. This is not a religious blog by any means, but the impact Southpoint Community Church is having on my life is really important to me. And since Patty's contribution has been, well, awful, I can write what I want. This weeks sermon was also incredible, and you will find that through his down to earth approach, this is the kind of Religion that you can get excited about. He is a real pastor. Anyways, if you are wondering, here is a link to his latest sermon Podcasts, the one I listed to was "How Do You Rate as a Date". Check it out at


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