Men of Teal

Saturday, May 8, 2010

In Addition to Being Old..

So I woke up this morning, still hurting from this weeks softball marathon, and realize that I am getting old. How else do I know this. In one week two of my best friends both became Uncles. I just got a new cousin who was named after me. I have teammates who are married, have kids, or are expecting kids. My little brother graduates college today. How much worse can this get? My dog has a beard. My knees don't work. I am thinking about buying a house. I am thinking about becoming an Usher at church. I look forward to bed. I wake up before 7 am. I read the paper, and more than one. I drink Tea in the morning. A crazy Friday night is spent at Carrabba's. Saturday I feel like renting a movie. My back constantly makes me feel like hell. I have bills. I am growing hair on my back. I actually considered playing golf. I love my life. And patty still has yet to make a comment.

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