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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Top 5 Disney Characters I Would Want to Be....

Don't know why I thought of this, maybe it was because I just watched the new Robin Hood...anyways, here is my list...

5. Buzz Lightyear. I mean how cool is this guy? He can go to infinity and beyond, and all the cool gadgets he has.

4. Pongo. Who wouldn't wanna be a Dalmatian? And how cool of a name is Pongo?

3. Robin Hood. You get to mess with Prince John and the Sheriff, get to chill with Little John and Will Scarlet. You live in a tree, are nails with a boy and arrow, and Maid Marian is one hot fox (pun intended).

2. Peter Pan. You get to fly, fight and crow. The coolest bad guy ever, Capt. James Hook is your bitch. Mermaids love you, Tigerlilly is sweating you, and the lost boys think sliced bread is actually the best thing since you.

1. Aladdin. Jasmine, enough said, although a Genie and a Magic Carpet doesn't hurt either.

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