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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Being Sick

There is nothing worse than being sick. And isn't it ironic that whenever you are sick, things just seem to make you more sick? Like I am on my death bed here at home, and what is on tv? The Montreal Freaking Canadians. And they are winning. My biggest rival. I want to throw up again, and this time not for the lack of sleep, chicken wings and one to many alch beverages...
And since Bank of America in all it's wisdom thought it was a good idea to not allow overtime if you don't physically work a full 40 hour week, I have to go to work just so I can infect my colleagues.

Wanna know what also makes me sick? I don't care what you think, I am telling you. What makes me sick is liars, cheaters, bills, losing, stress, flat soda, terrible smells, granny panty lines, getting let down, heartbreak, letting other people down, seeing other's in pain, the fact that Patty has not wrote a post in almost 3 weeks, TV blackouts, Full price items, no ice cream in the fridge, regret, not knowing and fake people...

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