Men of Teal

Monday, May 3, 2010

So, yea it is the playoffs now, and wow, are we lucky we played the Inner City Slammers. I mean I am not going to make excuses, but we were sorry. Thank the Baseball gods that they only had nine players, and the 10th hitter was an automatic out, or I would be in a drunken stupor right now. We played the way it makes me feel seeing stupid Philly fans wearing Roy Halladay jerseys like he is Mike Schmidt. Traitor. But back to softball and our game, it was gross. While I have forgotten the score, I think it was 7-3. Maybe it was 12-4. Regardless, we did not hit one home run and hit like girls. Thank goodness they made errors, couldn't run, and their pitcher was a whiny baby.

Tomorrow we play some other team and hopefully we show up with our real sticks. Thanks for all of you who came out tonight to watch us embarrass ourselves.

And while a win is a win is a win, James stuck out and his mother in no way can be proud of that.

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