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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Top 5 Things That Make Me Wonder....

Somethings, I really really really do not understand. And here they are;

5. The human body. I mean it just really amazes me. Think of all the stuff that we can do' run, jump, swim, throw and many others...and than think of all the other stuff, like why do we stretch, or need sleep, or talk. And why do we think of things that most other animals don't. We record our thoughts, get emotional, and yet science can't even prove why...

4. The Moon and atmosphere. I just don't get it. How come in all the pictures of earth, are we a round mass, yet if you were to take a space shuttle to earth, you have to fly through the sky and into the planet. The moon you just land on. I just don't get it.

3. How if you are from Holland or the Netherlands, that makes you Dutch. I mean, if you are from America, your an American, from Canada, a Canadian, if your from France, your French and Germany your German. But, if you are from Holland....

2. How the Internet and cell phones really work. I mean we must have a serious case of floating invisible wires that we ingest each day. I swear 30 years from now they are gonna say it causes cancer.

1. Woman.

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