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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Top 5 Things I Would Change about Opening Day

5. Not have it on Easter, it should be it's own Holiday.

4. Have ALL the teams play, not only the Major Leagues, but ALL minor league affiliates open as well, against their regional rivals, and stagger the games like they do for the NCAA tournament. As much as I love the over done Yankees- Red Sox matchup on ESPN, not all baseball fans like the Yankees and Red Sox....

3. Wear throw back uniforms and have all the old greats show up for the game. Have batting practice for both teams (not just the away team) and allow fans to really enjoy the setting.

2. Have it on a Monday, and declare it a school and bank holiday. Close all golf courses so fathers are required to take their kids to the ballpark...

1. Free Hot dogs and Beer.

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