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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bring on the Fake Games!!!!

Jaguar Preseason schedule has been released, well sort off. While we don't know the exact dates yet, we do know that our 2010 SuperBowl Run starts at Philadelphia (between Aug. 12-16), home against Miami (Aug. 19-23), at Tampa Bay (Aug. 26-29) and home against Atlanta on Sept. 2 or 3. Yes Sirrrrrr that we get to see Run Ricky Run Williams and the MEEEEAMI Dolpins and Matty Ice and his fellow Falcon brothers....

We also get to smash up the Eagles and Kevin Kolb and whoever plays for the Bucs these days...

And in case you noticed it, David Garrard has been cut. O wait...APRIL FOOLS!!!!

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