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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Switch-pitching phenom

Check this fella out and remember him. Switch-PITCHING prospect currently in the Yankees farm system (naturally we would get him...) Girardi heard about him just as a closer and learned recently that he can toss it from both sides of the rubber.

Kid's got some stuff... Nothing over-powering by any means yet, but reaches high 80's (89mph was the highest he hit yesterday in Spring training) from the right, and throws it 82 from the left. He's got some supplemental junk to throw in there to make it interesting.

But imagine that. Umpire takes a look at this kid and is scratching himself trying to recount how many shots he took last night... Nope, just this freak-child (Sorry Tim, this guy is the real FREAK..)

So what happens when he faces a switch-hitter? He has to declare which arm he is going to throw with and then the switch hitter gets to decide what side of the plate to hit from...

Check out the custom glove... 6-fingered, 2-thumbed glove for his convenience.

If you're a baseball fan at all you can appreciate this. This is NEVER, EVER heard of... go REAL FREAK!!! See you this season!!!

For more info, check out the link:

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