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Friday, March 26, 2010

Classic Orange heartbreak.

Oh Syracuse... how you have broken my heart once again... Yesterday's game was classic Syracuse.... Get our hopes up so high and convince us we're going to watch you make a run to the Final Four in Indy and then you dropped a sack of potatoes on our head and popped our bloated ego and bragging rights about our basketball team... This was arguably Syracuse's best team ever. I think this team could beat the 2003 National Champ team head to head, even with Melo. What we just witnessed, after working so hard, all season, to finally get that national spotlight and national recognition... and what happened? We folded. We folded like Syracuse basketball always does. I don't think I've ever been more pissed off about a loss from our team because now I have to deal with all of the bandwagon fans that jumped on and now are already off. If you're one of those fans... get the hell out of my way or prepare to get pelted with rotten (and bitter) oranges.

I hate to say it, but this was CLASSIC Syracuse Basketball. We just never know what team is going to show up. I have been a native of Syracuse and a fan my whole life and yet they always seem to shut down rather than "shut it down" every so often. I am not blaming anyone here as I am sure many many teams go through the same terrorizing agony of watching their team lose to a much inferior team. But really? Butler? You know what I read on this morning??? "THE BUTLER DID IT"... Have we really been dropped down so low that we're getting mocked by a friggen board game??? Screw CLUE! We have 7 starters!!! Kris and Scoop would be exceptional players on any other team and yet we we're not able to beat a bunch of goofy white dudes with shaggy hair. We lost to HIPPIES....

Cuse should not have lost this game. Yes we didn't have Arinze and Rick isn't exactly a center, but we do have Andy Rautins and Mr All-America (Please stay and play with Fab Melo!!!!) Wesley "Charmer" Johnson. He melted our hearts all season with his athletic ability and thundering dunks. What happened yesterday! This team does nothing but play like a team, win or lose. Yesterday Syracuse lost as a team because that evil bitter turnover happy twin of a team showed up. If last weekend's team was present we would all be much happier today (at least we didn't lose for the year on a Monday...) and we'd be celebrating Jimmy B's 4th trip to the final 4. Instead, yesterday happened... Turnover happy Syracuse was back and ready to throw away another exceptional season. And what happened when we finally took the lead after being down all game?? Oh that's right. Turnover. Awesome... If I am JB, I would ship Rick to a Siberian passing camp and not let him return until beginning of 2010-2011 season. Rick, I love you, but my god. That was some awful attempts at dishing the rock...

As angry as I still am and closer to accepting reality, even I realize how sweet this season was. Now its time to look back on one hell of a successful season for Syracuse. A 30-5 record, Big East Champs, a #1 ranking in all the land, a #1 seed in the NCAA Tourny... the list can go on. I hate to see Andy and Arinze and most likely Wes go out this way but these guys should be proud of themselves. They worked there asses off all season and jumped into the national spotlight and blew away all expectations. Syracuse, I am sad I don't get to watch you cut down the nets this year but boy am I proud of this team, our coach and this program... GO CUUUSSSEEE!!!!!

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