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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Humpday Tidbits...

Wed. Hump day. Tidbits...

- Allen Iverson has finally said goodbye to the game. This was a guy who at one point was the best small point guard in the history of the league. No one played harder and drove to the hoop better than AI. While his off the field antics may define his career, he single handily put the Sixers on his back for almost a decade. He was constantly leading the league in scoring, even if he didn't give a damn about practice!

- Romero makes the opening day start today for the Jays in spring training...ROMERO FEVER!!!!

- The movie Hurt Locker, which I have not even heard of until yesterday is under heat for being to "much like John Wayne." I did not know that was possible.

- The Gators blew a huge chance to solidly there seed in the NCAA tourney with a 4 point loss to Vanderbilt. Funny thing is they didn't score a field goal in the last 9 minutes. That is bad. And Vandy you can only win by 4 if the other team doesn't score for half of the second half???? You should not be ranked.

- Syracuse Orange is number one on the court and in our hearts.

- The Penguins played the Sabers last night. And while Olympic hero Ryan Miller was given the day off, way to drop the ball on that dream match up (Sidney Crosby vs Ryan Miller).

- There is some Japanese pitcher named Eri Yoshida that supposedly wants to break into major league baseball. The 18 year old was inspired by Tim Wakefeild and features a pretty nasty knuckleball...

- The NY Jets cut top runner Thomas Jones. I guess 1400 yards is not very good these days.

- Friday's at Merrill are now jeans and hoodies or jersey days. There is obviously much rejoicing.

- said the earth quake in Chile moved the earth axis. This is wonderful news.

- The New Jersey Nets are having such a hard time selling tickets, if you go this week against the Magic they will give you a coupon to have your taxes done for free.

And that's all I have to say about that...

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