Men of Teal

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

11 Guys Named Boob...

Sorry my faithful and loyal readers, I have been M.I.A lately. No excuses, just results I know...

But anyways, back to your regular scheduled softball shenanigans. Just got back from throttling (26-13) of the so called second best team in our league. What is worse, to speed up the game and beat them by ten runs, the Team "11 Guys Named Boob" (Bob, but they played like crap) got to hit twice in the last inning to see if they could manage 3 more runs to keep the game alive.

While I am totally for if its broke, fix it, this rule just does not make sense. I mean Bud Selig must have come up with it. When in the name of God's green goodness has a baseball team switched order? I am glad I don't play flag football under these rules or maybe in those we would skip the 3rd quarter, go to the 4th quarter and if we have time go back to the 3rd quarter all the while changing uniform numbers and jerseys after each first down just to see what team can reach the goal line the fastest in under ten minutes or less with only 3 downs unless you get a first down on the first play then you revert to 4 (this would make sense under our rules, trust me)...

I mean hell, some things like ice cold beer, 5 day work weeks, Sunday Morning Pancakes, bands that play their own music, and Goldeneye by Rare (the original company) should never be changed. Well a 4 day work week would be nails.

And what is more, they almost killed our pitcher in the last inning and never once said sorry.

So there you have it "11 So-Called Smucks Named Boob", you have no friend in me. Take your roids and your tattoos and your old man pitcher with the slider and shove it. The price is wrong Boob and I pray to the softball god's we meet you in the championship so we could beat you by 50 ( and hit in our own half of the inning).


  1. Nice...the only thing about that is they may be the third best team in our league...the best team will be decided monday night...and yes, they did almost kill me...but i should have just caught that line drive with my bare was like the matrix...everything just slowed down when i saw that ball coming for my face...yes, they are punks and i love beating them down every chance i get. very good read though...i cant wait to see what you have to say after some of our future games.

  2. Bout time someone man a comment....