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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Arod's New Girl...

Just kidding, I have no idea who he is sleeping with. What I do know is that he recently has a date with the FBI over some doctor who was caught in Canada with illegal performance enhancing drugs. "I can't really get into that," Rodriguez said. "I have to speak to those guys first. I've just got to wait for instructions."
Dr. Anythony Galea is facing four charges related to the drug known as Actovegin, which is extracted from calf's blood and used for healing. The Yankee camp said they never authorized this good doctor to work on Arod, and they have no idea if he did. Supposedly this method is used to heal someone faster, so I have no idea besides the fact that it seems to also use HGH, is this drug illegal. Oh well. Other known athletes known to have used this process our Jose Reyes and Tiger Woods. Reyes has been quoted as saying he met with the Fed earlier this week. Tiger of course is working on his Buddhism...

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