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Sunday, March 28, 2010


And then there were four.....
After another impressive game Duke showed why it is in the Final Four over some other teams. (cough...syracuse...cough) I've decided if you don't like Duke you are un-American. Here's looking at you Dan. How can you not like this team? Its a bunch of white kids (and Nolan Smith) shooting 3's and getting boards... The Big 3 on Duke are as good as if not better than any other 3 in college basketball. But the best thing about Duke is clearly Coach K. It's almost not fair...

This Duke team reminds me of the good ol' days of JJ, Boozer, Battier, and the rest of the guys. Back when March meant winning and not going home after the first weekend. This team has finally made it back to where they belong. Its a great way to end the college basketball careers for Scheyer, Zoubek, and Thomas.

Now what do they have to do? Beat West Virginia? Done. Might as well book tickets for the Championship game now. Once they get there it's Michigan State or Butler... I'll go ahead and chalk that up as a W too. Who's with me?

On a seperate note I'm kinda sad Tennessee lost that game (note: Tenn lost Mich St. did not win...).I would have liked to see some SEC in the Final Four. I mean, how do you not guard the deepest man with 1.8 second left? All in all a good weekend of basketball though. One more week and then its the begining of baseball season... I love the spring!

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