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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Ok, I have heard it said that one cannot know for sure where there going, until they know where they have been. For me it all started in London, yes, London, but not that London. I was born in London, Ontario, a half way point between Toronto, and Detroit. It has a population just under 500,000 and is known for education, health care, tourism and manufacturing. The cities number one export is hockey players. It was founded in the 18th century by some European guy. The coolest thing they have going for them is the London International Hot Air Ba loon festival (those crazy Canadians know how to party).

Ok here is what you really wanted to know, the who's who of London. Besides me, these famous people can all trace their roots back to London! Fredrick Banting (discovered insulin, kinda big deal), Jeff Carter (Flyers hockey star), Victor Garber(actor), Ryan Gosling (my homeboy), John Labbat (founded the beer!!!), Eric Lindross (the hockey star), Rachel McAdams (the hottie), Craig MacTavish (hockey player, the last guy to not wear a helmet), Paul Peel (painter (see above) and mom's fav), David Shore (writer for House), Adam Stern (Baltimore Oriole), David Suzuki (crazy science guy), Joe Thornton (Hockey star duh), Mike Van Ryn (Leaf baby!), Jack Warner (founded Warner Brothers),

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