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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Textin Etiquette for Guys

Ok so it came across my attention today that the male species needs a lesson on text messaging. Because, please guys, this is NOT the grown up version of AIM. While we all know it is WAAAY easier to communicate via text messaging, that does not mean one can make these common mistakes!

1. NEVVVVER ask a girl out via text message. It is way lame, way wimpy, way to easy for her to forward your pathetic attempt to all her friends, and most importantly, WAAAY to annoying of a wait for her to respond.

2. NEVVVVER fight via text message. While this does have the added advantage of being able to go over what your about to say (so you can avoid putting your foot in your mouth) no one likes fighting, and please just talk it out.

3. NEVVVVER have a conversation via text message with your goofy sounds on. NOTHING is more annoying then sitting in public and hearing your bling zing sound going off a million times. It has the vibrate mode for a reason (two if your creative).

4. NEVVVVER do this...:), :o), ;), ;o), :o/, or hehe or any variation of heheheh. That is in no way manly. Try this instead, lol, ahah, hahah, and if your really classy ha-ha.

5. NEVVVVER respond to fast, it will make you look like a creepo.

6. NEVVVER text while in line at publix, it is really rude.

7. NEEVVVER send those mass holiday text messages, there impersonal, overdone, and flat out asinine.

8. NEEEVVVER send out a "hey" message

9. NEEEVVVER drunk text your love interest, it just is not smart.

10. NEEEEVVER pour out your heart in a text message, for all reasons stated above.

11. NEEEVEER turn a text message into an essay.

12. NEEEEVVVER tell the creepo, stage 5 physcho what you are doing in a text message, and never answer the first message she sends (you may miss a good laugh at the next 10.)

13. NEEEEVER leave a signature like "Notorious.D.A.N", or "six-two, two-sexy", please men, act your age (I am not Tim Teabow, I am not perfect).

14. NEEEEVER use proper punctuation unless your British.

15. NEEEEVER call a girl a Chubi, it is not Quicktext's fault they don't recognize the word you meant to write.

16. NEEEEVER say omg, that is a code for high school girls.

17. NEEEEVER texts while driving, in class, at dinner, in the movie theater, or making love. Textin at work is fine.

18. NEEEEVEER have a text conversation with a girl, and then stop texting. IT is just rude, at least say bye, or ttyl if your hip.

19. NEEEVER send scandalous text messages, and if you must, please delete never know when your guy friends will get a hold of your phone, or your mother.

20. NEEEEVER allow your girlfriend to call you benny boo or timmy wimmy, for the reasons stated above (well minus your mother)

21. NEEEEVVVER say one thing, and then say your kidding. You weren't, your not, and it makes you look like an idiot.

That pretty much does it. And feel free to send hilarious text messages, nothing is better than a pick me up in the middle of the day!

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