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Sunday, December 27, 2009


Now I know many of you hate hockey and don't follow it what so ever, and I must admit, since I moved here, I barely follow it either (except the leafs who consistently break my heart). Anyways, with the Olympics coming up in Vancouver(holla) in February, many of you probably don't know we are getting a miniature preview from the Jr. circuit. I am not quite sure how this works, as many of these kids have signed pro contracts already, but regardless they are still considered amateurs. Last night Canada smacked Latvia 16-0. It looked like a high school team playing an NHL team. While the utter domination was very much enjoyed on this end, I couldn't help but feel sad for the Latvians (if that is what they are called). For some STUPID reason, the tie breaker to move on the next round if need be will be determined by the NUMBER of goals a team scores in the tournament, thus encouraging teams to run up the score and EMBARRASS the other team. As a baseball guy, this is considered bush league. Regardless, the games are televised on NHL Network, and really are fun to watch. It is a nice change from the overpaid, pre Madonna athletes of today. Keep an eye on Nazeem Kadri of team Canada. He is a Maple Leaf, the first Muslim in the NHL and of Lebanese decent. But while he may have terrorist for siblings, he is a leaf and I love him. The juniors are hockey at is purest form, complete with face masks and neck guards.

(BTW Canada has won the last 6 Jr events, and plays the USA on Thursday night..pictured in the middle is former Jr. star Sidney Crosby from 2005)

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