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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nose Bleeds are In No Way Classy.

The famous Smalls once stated that he has "come here every summer of his adult life, and every summer there she is lotioning, oiling, lotioning, smiling." Now in no way is that statement above related to anything I am going to write now. For me, every winter of my adult life brings about the recurrence of the mysterious random nose bleed. I guess it is the change of weather. And man I have had some good nose bleeds.

One of my first dates, I was seeing Wicker Park. It was raining and we were standing in line to get tickets. Of course I brought an umbrella and was holding it up for her, when what have you know, I get a nose bleed. Of course i was hoping it was one of the quick, two second variety, but no, this was an old faithful. Of course, I had to play it cool, I mean I'm on a date. Well long story short, that didn't work and I had to run inside early to use the bathroom (the ticket taker person almost fainted after I SHOWED her why she needed to let me in.)

Another great time I was graced with the presence of a nose bleed was during biology class. I was also trying to impress a girl then, and we were dissecting a cat, when all of a sudden..... (nose bleeds were a good way of getting out of class)

My newest new found nose bleed glory has now seem to come in the way of the shower. And nothing, and I mean NOTHING is more annoying then this! Here I am getting ready for work, enjoying a nice hot shower when bam. It is not easy to dry off when your nose is bleeding. Nothing says good morning like a good nose bleed.

At least my roommate isn't a vampire.

But of course with every good story comes a good lesson. Any girl that will love you when you have toilet paper jammed up in your nose is a worth keeping.

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